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Education consists mainly of what we have unlearned Mark Twain

My name is Shailendra K. Chaudhary. I am a Personal Injury Lawyer at Toronto (Canada). I help people get compensation from insurance companies when they get sick or injured physically and/or psychologically from various causes such as car accidents, slip & fall, workplace injuries, general sickness and medical negligence of doctors, nurses or hospitals.

I have an interest in the area of health and nutrition on the side. I have created this blog to share with everyone all I have learnt and continue to learn about health and nutrition.

I can be reached at Helpline@YruHurt.Com or 1-855-YRU-HURT (978-4878) which is primarily my business contact for the law practice. You can also visit me at YruHurt.Com.

My interest in health and nutrition dates back to my teenage years. I don’t know how I developed this interest. Perhaps, my inquisitive nature made me question and then seek answers to those questions in various facets of my life including religion, polity, nutrition and of course academics. The last perhaps is the reason I ended up in the profession of law although I had earlier pursued accounting and later business for quite a while.

Well this blog is not quite a blog as I am not able to take time out of my busy law practice to do blogging. I have primarily compiled all the information that I have and organized under different heads. It is a continuous work in progress. Yes, I have read almost all the books listed and watched all the videos –  some, like Dr. Robert Lusting’s on Sugar, many times over. So I have devoted quite a bit of time to this endeavour.

Now, I am kind of an activist by profession when I fight the Goliaths (insurance companies) on behalf of the Davids (my clients). But I also firmly believe that we should all have some interests outside our professions/occupations which are geared towards giving back to the community. I have an inherent interest in health and nutrition in my personal life. Then I noticed that a vast majority of people are too busy in their daily lives to spare any thought towards their own health and well being and in the process were falling an easy prey to Big Food and Big Pharma. So I thought what better way to give back to my community than sharing my knowledge with everyone to help them free up from the tentacles of these Goliaths. Without realizing it initially, I have become a  social activist on health and nutrition as a natural progression to my second nature as an activist lawyer.

At this time please see the Articles, Book Review, Educational Videos, Tools/Appliances/Devices and Where to Buy pages.

The books are just listed. I intended to write individual reviews but that is proving to be just wishful thinking due to paucity of time.

At present, if I can make few basic recommendations for any one to take home from this blog then these would be:

  1. Avoid GMO foods like plague – a 5 digit PLU code starting with digit 8 belongs to GMO produce whereas a 5 digit PLU code starting with 9 belongs to organic produce. A 4 digit code means it is neither which means it is non-GMO but, more likely than not, grown with the help of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
  2. Download Dirty Dozen app from Environmental Working Group on your smart phone and learn which produce are most contaminated by pesticides. Also visit http://www.panna.org/ + http://www.whatsonmyfood.org/ to learn more about pesticide use and residues in your everyday food items.
  3. Stop eating wheat or at least go to organic ancient grains (Einkorn, Red Fife, Kamut and Spelt) and consume as little as possible
  4. Stop drinking milk or at least go to organic UNHOMOGENIZED full cream milk of cow (preferably A2 from Guernesey cows: http://www.ebymanor.ca/), buffalo, camel and goat and consume mostly in cultured form of yoghurt or kefir. Just think, humans are the only members of animal kingdom who drink milk of the other species. There is something very anomalous about it at a basic commonsense level. Learn more from the videos including the myth about calcium from milk. Luckily, Bovine Growth Harmone is not a concern in Canada as it was not approved – thanks to Dr. Shiv Chopra of Health Canada. But people living near US border and buying cheap milk from across the border BEWARE.
  5. Stop using table sugar (Sucrose). It is made of mostly GMO corn or beets. Look for pure organic glucose called Dextrose, if at all. Use organic raw honey, maple syrup, dates and organic raisins in moderation to sweeten up anything but as little as possible. Fresh fruits in things like ice cream will serve the purpose best.
  6. Stop using table salt. Use good quality sea salt or, still better, mountain rock salts. For Iodine use 1 or 2 drops of 5% Lugol’s Iodine. In Canada I get it from https://www.artpharma.com/
  7. Use coconut oil for cooking and use it liberally. Best for deep frying because does’t get as oxidized as liquid oils for reuse due to saturation at room temperature. Learn more about its benefits, especially from MCT, by reading books and watching videos listed.
  8. Avocado oil is good for cooking but will oxidize quickly making it unfit for reuse after deep frying.
  9. Use olive oil for raw eating or low heat cooking liberally.
  10. Eat organic free pasture GRASS FED beef, organic free pasture lamb/goat, wild caught fish, free pasture chicken and eggs. Alert: FREE RANGE word has lost its meaning due to usurping of it by industrial scale farms.
  11. Eat organic locally grown fruits (in moderation) and vegetables (liberally). Alert: organic word has also lost its meaning due to usurping of it by industrial scale farms and processed food industry. The former is not following the rules of crop rotation for optimal nutrition and the latter have been allowed to use carcinogenic additives to their organic products. Title of Dr. Shiv Chopra’s book sums it up best: Corrupt to the core! Sample read: http://www.naturalnews.com/048024_organic_industry_factory_farms_food_fraud.html
  12. Add nuts and seeds (liberally) to your snacking and mixing with any flours for making dough for breads, pita rotis, cookies, muffins etc. Just don’t eat them with meals and soak (still better, sprout) them before eating raw or grinding for mixing in flour. This is because nuts and seeds contain things like Phytates (termed as anti nutrients) which inhibit absorption of nutrients. Soaking releases those chemicals out.
  13. Always buy organic butter or ghee (preferably GRASS FED) as there is a far more concentration of pesticide and chemical fertilizer residue in fat of animals fed on contaminated feed.
  14. Junk the blender/juicer (per Dr. David Agus, MD author of The End of Illness). The whole chemistry of a fruit or vegetable changes as soon as its juices and puree comes in contact with air. And for worse. Chopped Garlic may be an exception to this rule. But if you must, for example, when following Gerson Therapy for fighting Cancer, or as part of getting therapeutic benefits from a burst of nutritional intake then you should get a Masticating Juicer to obtain Cold Pressed Juice rather than using a Blender or a Centrifugal Juicer. Sure you will lose fiber from Masticating Juicer but your Juice will not be too oxidized. The fiber rich pulp can be used separately in many food preparations of your choice.
  15. Add raw fermented foods to your daily diet in varied forms such as Yoghurt, Kimchi, Saurkraut, Kambucha, Miso, Natto (for Vitamin K2) etc. Make sourdough of wheat flour, if and whatever little you have to consume in the form of bread, pita, roti etc.
  16. Discover the joy of shopping raw and cooking at home. This is critical for your freedom from Big Food and Big Pharma who are hand in glove to fleece you of your hard earned dollars and pushing you deeper into the abyss of ill health and misery.
  17. If possible, grow your own vegetables and herbs in a kitchen garden. Visit http://incredibleediblenetwork.org.uk/ to check out how communities can work together to grow food. And if you do then add composting in your routine. My personal favourite is the use of Bokashi. Check out: http://healthyearth.ca/
  18. Enjoy all traditional foods  generally. Only watch for quality of ingredients and use traditional cooking processes. Like soya is never eaten traditionally except in fermented forms such as Tempeh, Miso and Natto. Even Tofu should be avoided. No vegetable oils of any kind which came into being only in last 100 years or so. As per Tom Mueller, author of Extra Virginity, 90% of the present generation of Italians do not know what good quality olive oil is. Educate yourself. Canola oil is the worst of worst (surprised?) being GMO. If your dieticians/nutritionists and doctors as well as Health Canada is preaching otherwise then better WISEN UP.
  19. And to end on Michael Pollan’s quote from In Defense of Food, An Eater’s ManifestoEat (Real) Food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

PS:Use comfortable shoes to avoid buildup of inflammation. Find some which you can wear at work with suit and tie without causing any damage to your inside. My personal favourite is Air Max 90 (all black) from Nike.

Ladies please rethink the use of pointed high heals. It is not worth getting cancer or heart disease. Check out The End of Illness by Dr. David Agus, MD (Oncologist) on this. Having said this, I don’t agree with Dr. Agus on his recommendation for everyone over forty to take cholesterol lowering drug, Statins (Lipitor/Crestor), as a cancer preventive regime.

I haven’t yet covered the topic of purging all Chemical Cosmetics and Cleaning Agents in this blog but that is another very critical thing to do in your life.

I will encourage you to visit my Facebook page and review my one and only post of 2015 including the discussion under the comments section: https://www.facebook.com/Shailendra.K.Chaudhary

Disclaimer: I am not qualified by education or training to speak about health and nutrition. This blog contains my personal opinions. I have given the resources like books, videos and articles which I rely on for my guidance. Persons with certain medical issues such as kidney disease, gall bladder removed, food allergies, etc will have to find specific answers to their dietary and treatment needs. You must do your own research to educate yourself regarding your personal health situation and HELP YOURSELF.

Bon appetit!!!