1. Nutritional Value of Common Foods: Explore this site to learn a lot about nutritional factors such as Glycemic Index/Load but ignore Inflamation Factor which looks unreliable: and
  2. Nutritional Value of Common Foods – This is another good site with authentic database for nutrient contents of almost any food that you can think of:
  3. Understand Lab Tests – Find out what different lab tests mean e.g. Gluose, Insulin and C-Peptide in the case of diabetes as an example:
  4. Homemade Baby Formula:
  5. The Great Con-ola, Sally Fallon & Mary Enig:
  6. The Oiling of America, Sally Fallon & Mary Enig:
  7. Saturated Fats and the Lungs, Sally Fallon & Mary Enig:
  8. Know Your Fats (and links to many more articles), Weston Price Foundation:
  9. What You Need to Know About SugarDr. Robert Lustig, MD:
  10. Fructose vs. Glucose – Ditch Agave – Watch Fruits (Table of Fructose Content in Fruits – VERY IMPORTANT):
  11. Stevia:
  12. 10 Health Lies And Myths Spread by Mainstream Nutritionists:
  13. A Tale of Metabolic Transformation – “If food got us into this mess, food can get us out of this mess” Dr. Robert Lustig, MD & others:
  14. By Far the Best Resource for Diabetics (also for others): (See articles on Ketosis. Hard technical read but there is no substitute to educating yourself if you want to reverse Type 2 diabetes. Dr. Attia is an authority but chances are your own doctor may not agree with him unless he/she takes the time to understand it. Unfortunately, most doctors live true to their name by sticking to their “indoctrination” done in their medical school. Same is true about the Nutritionists. Till such time their school curriculum is revamped you have no choice but to “be your own doctor” as Dr. David Agus, Oncologist says in his book, “The End of Illness”.
  15. A Collabarative Initiative by Dr. Peter Attia and Gary Taubes: (This is still in early stages of development though)
  16. How did we come to believe saturated fat and cholesterol are bad for us?
    – Dr. Peter Attia:
  17. What’s Cholesterol Got to Do with Hearth DiseaseGary Taubes:
  18. The Soft Science of Dietary FatsGary Taubes
  19. Can Losing Weight Worsen Lipids?Dr. Thomas Dayspring, MD:
  20. Osteoporosis – A Good Resource to download some educative FREE Ebooks like “Stop the Bone Thieves”, “The Natural Bone Building Handbook”, “Restore – 3 Bone Building Principles”, “The Benefits of Drinking Distilled Water” and  “The Ultimate Calcium Guide”Vivian Goldschmidt:
  21. Not All that Glitters is Gold – Tom Mueller Must read for understanding Olive Oil fraud prevalent in North America and in fact the whole world. As Tom tells in his book, it has profit margins of selling illicit drugs with no attendant risks.
  22. Visit this resource website about Organic and Non-GMO founded by a former industry insider – Mark Kastel:
  23. Visit this resource website on Organic home gardening – Phil Nauta:
  24. No Guff Vegetable Gardening (Book) – Donna Balzer & Steven Biggs +
  25. Gardening FAQs:
  26. Look for Free Food Growing in Your Backyard and Neighbourhood like Revines:
  27. Japanese Green Teas and Matcha – Learning resource
  28. Marijuana – My Views (Read under comments):
  29. Frankincense Essential Oil – For fighting Ovarian Cancer
  30. Diabetes (LCHF Diet) – Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD:
  31. Excellent Website for All Health Issues like Diabetes, Heart, Hypertension etc. (Browse and subscribe) – You might find my comments in many articles:
  32. What Vegans or Vegetarians as well as ALL OTHERS need to know about B12 Deficiencey – Chris Kresser:

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