Book Reviews

  1. The End of Illness, Dr. David Agus, MD and Oncologist (
  2. In Defense of Food, Michael Pollan (
  3. The Second Brain, Dr. Michael Gershon, MD and Neuroscientist (
  4. Wheat Belly, Dr. William Davis, MD and Cardiologist (
  5. Wheat Belly Cookbook, Dr. William Davis, MD and Cardiologist (
  6. Omnivore’s Dilemma, Michael Pollan (
  7. The Locavore’s Dilemma, Pierre Desrochers & Hiroko Shimizu (
  8. Extra Virginity, Tom Mueller (
  9. The Road to Perfect Health, Brenda Watson (– This book I bought through donation of $195 to WNED/PBS
  10. Corrupt to the Core, Dr. Shiv Chopra (
  11. Stolen Harvest, Dr. Vandana Shiva (
  12. The Case Against Fluoride, Dr. Paul Connett (
  13. Eat Fat Lose Fat, Sally Fallon & Mary Enig (
  14. Nourishing Traditions, Sally Fallon & Mary Enig (
  15. The Coconut Oil Miracle, Bruce Fife (
  16. Understanding Diabetes, Dr. Peter Chase, MD – FREE PDF 11th Edition at and buy 12th Edition + its companion First Book + CD for Managing Diabetic Hypoglycemia at
  17. Know Your Fats: The Complete Primer for Understanding the Nutrition of Fats, Mary Enig:
  18. The Pot Book – A Complete Guide to Cannabis – Julie Holland (A must read for cancer prevention and treatment)

The Second Brain is quite a heavy read due to scientific language used although Gershon has tried to explain it in layman terms.

You can listen to Dr. David Agus’s interview on The Current program on CBC Radio:

I don’t agree with Dr. Agus’s recommendation to use statin drugs (like Lipitor and Crestor) for cancer prevention (off-label use as opposed to cholesterol lowering agent).

Read the excerpts from the Omnivore’s Dilemma (Michael Pollan) about Potatoes and Beef: (read all 3 pages)

You can visit website of Tom Mueller (Extra Virginity) at: listen to his interview on CBC Radio: read his article in New Yorker:

I read The Locavore’s Dilemma to be educated about the contrarian view. I read it with complete open mind. My judgment: If this is the best foot forward against organic and local food then I am afraid it has no leg to stand on.
Wheat Belly and its companion Wheat Belly Cookbook alone would change your lives for ever. Look for Dr. William Davis lecture in the Educational Videos page of this blog.

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