Guilt Free Recipes

SOURDOUGH – Starter & Bread:

Whether you use ancient or contemporary wheat grains, you should keep two things in mind: 1. The flour should be as fresh as possible (store in fridge in airtight containers or, still better, squeeze bags to remove any trapped air); 2. The dough should be fermented to make it sourdough for any kind of Bread, Roti, Parantha, Pita etc.

Here is a recipe for making sourdough starter and bread: After making your first sourdough starter batch, all you have to do is keep aside a small amount of sourdough from each batch for making your next sourdough batch. No need to do the extended exercise of making the starter after the first time.

MY TIP: For Roti/Parantha dough, add equal amount of flour from a mix of different nuts and seeds like Flex, Pumpkin, Almonds, Chia, Hemp, Coconut etc. Mix it with the help of additional water after the sourdough is ready. Further add a liberal amount of Olive or Avocado oil and a dash of Sea or Himalayan Salt. Use a bit of extra water to make a soft dough. It will be absorbed soon by the abundant fibre making it harder. This will cut the quantity of your wheat intake by half while you enjoy a much healthier and wholesome Roti/Parantha. Fry Pranthas in Coconut oil or Organic Grass Fed Ghee (almost impossible to find in stores except in GTA which is excellent but steeply priced. St. Francis Farm is similarly priced and available online). Yeah, don’t be scared of fats. Just cut the carbs from wheat.

Another good recipe for Sourdough Bread:

Understanding Phytic Acid (Anti-Nutrient) in Foods (particularly in Nuts, Seeds and Grains):

Natural vs. Induatrial Trans Fats:


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