Healthy Food Choices

  1. Fermented foods like Kimchi and Sourkraut
  2. Hard cheeses preferably from Europe and still better from France (because of 100% A2 milk in France)
  3. Colourful fruits and vegetables. The colour should be through inside out like Blue and Black Berries, Carrots, Peppers etc
  4. Avoid or limit wheat of all kinds and eat in fermented form but in very small quantity
  5. Avoid or limit all other grains and eat whole grain like Wild Rice but in very small quantity
  6. Avoid added sugar and use Dextrose (Glucose), if at all
  7. Eat lots of fats including Grass Fed Butter, Fatty Grass Fed Beef, Fatty Fish like Wild Sockeye Salmon, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, all kinds of Low Carb Vegetables, Starchy food like Yam, Cassava, Taro in limited quantity
  8. If I could refer you to just one resource, representing consensus, out of so many that I have studied for guidance on a daily basis (most particularly for people with Diabetes but for everyone no less) then it would be Dr. Rosedale’s website. Some of the pages I have attached links to here for ready reference: + + +

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