Where to Buy (Toronto and around)

Organic and Ancient Grains+ Pumpkin Seeds + Raisins + much more:

http://www.yelp.ca/biz/grain-process-enterprises-ltd-scarborough(They don’t have their own website and their current address is 105 Commander Blvd., Toronto (Scarborough), Ontario – 8am to 5pm – Mon-Fri)
If you must eat wheat then eat one of the ancient grains only like Kamut, Spelt, Red Fife and Einkorn. Einkorn is the oldest and best of all but very hard to get in any store. In Canada the best source is by mail delivery from http://www.primegrains.com/.  It is available in USA from http://www.einkorn.com/ and http://growseed.org/. Of the other three I like Red Fife the best. Read more about it at:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Fife_wheat
Yes, it should be bought in small quantities and kept in fridge to reduce oxidization which turns it rancid.
Olive Oil:
Go to Brickworks and look for a lady selling Olive Oil. Excellent quality for $21 per ltr and refill for $18. Belongs to a guy by the name of Angelo. Read about him and his oil at http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/629701and http://www.countrymeadowsorganics.com/Olive_Oil.html
Costco is selling a variety of Olive Oils but not all of them are of good quality. Usually the ones in 1ltr dark glass bottle at around $14 upwards are good quality.
My favourite brand is NUTIVA priced at around $34 for a 1.5kg (approx) jar. But as of September 2014 Costco is selling the same brand for $27.99 (2.3kg).
DESI GHEE (Clarified Butter):
You can get http://www.leesghee.ca/ in stores around GTA. Good thing it is from Grass Fed Cows’ milk but is steeply priced for everyday cooking.
Organic Produce + Milk + Meat + Eggs:
For organic produce and meat go to Farmers’ Markets and can also use:
http://www.ambrosianaturalfoods.com/ (For Grass Fed Meats + Unhomogenized Milk + Eggs + Produce)
Farmers Markets are better in price and quality but go to some reputable vendors who have websites and sell ORGANIC and GRASS FED meat + FREE RANGE Eggs. See http://www.eatwild.com/products/canada.html for more info about farmers/vendors and Farmers Markets.
For some excellent Sweet Corn during the summer months check out the truck of The Corn Cowboys (farmer Jeff) every weekend (9am – 6pm Sat/Sun) at the corner of Warden and Canadian Road (Near Costco, Scarborough). They are available 7 days a week in the parking lot of 2nd location at 21 Canadian Road, Scarborough.
For getting UNHOMOGENIZED Full Cream Milk check out: http://www.lovegan.com/dairy.html($13/4ltr bag – Harmony – most likely grassfed) – Free delivery > $70 order. The guy’s name is Steve. Check his delivery coverage area at http://www.lovegan.com/index.html. It is also available from Ambrosia ($12.49); Healthy Planet, 1000 Islington ($11.75); and Village Grocers, Markham ($11).
It is best to buy A2 milk. There is no certified A2 milk available in Canada but if you buy milk from Guernsey cows then it is the closest you can get as more than 80% of Guernsey cows are A2.  In Toronto you can get milk from http://www.ebymanor.ca/ at many stores including Ambrosia ($3.79 per liter in glass bottles). 
Those living up north near Alliston and Barrie can go to http://www.sheldoncreekdairy.ca/ for Milk, Beef (both grassfed) and Free Range Pasture Chicken (not eggs): $67 for a 20 ltr bucket of milk and $3.50 per Lb for excellent chicken. Try their cheese too. The chicken and cheese belong to their son/daughter-in-law.
For Hamilton/Burlington area I would recommend http://www.mordensorganicfarmstore.com/ for Free Range Chicken and Eggs, Butter, Pork and Beef. It is also available at Ambrosia. Another excellent place is http://www.agrammeats.com/ in Georgetown. Their meats are excellent although they don’t make any claims about 100% grass fed for which products of https://www.berettafamilyfarms.com/ can be found at many organic health food stores including Ambrosia.
For Paneer try Asli brand from most Indian grocery stores. Not certified organic but made from locally procured milk from small farms which is apparently from GRASS FED cows. Check out their website: http://localdairy.ca/
Those near Hwy 89 off Hwy 400 can visit Tony’s Farm for some excellent local produce although not everything organic: http://www.simcoecountyfarmfresh.ca/details.php?id=55
For excellent Goat meat (not Lamb) and Goat Milk go to Brickworks Farmer’s Market (sometimes Wychwood too) and get it from http://www.crosswindfarm.ca/. Best to call her couple of days before to tell what you are looking for to make sure she brings it. $13/4 litre jar for milk and $27-$33 per kg for goat meat.
Green Tea – Matcha and Sencha (High end varieties):

http://www.ozawa.ca/home.php has excellent products in loose leaf (Sencha) and separate powder (Matcha).

Also Costco has one in Kirkland brand which is actually product of Ito En of Japan. It is a blend Matcha and Sencha in tea bags.

Don’t throw away leaves. Open the tea bag and eat the leaves in any way you want. Tastes like spinach.


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  1. Meenu prasad said:

    Quite informative,thanks for sharing

  2. You can buy Einkorn wheat at Cote de Boeuf in Toronto, 130 Ossington Ave.

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